Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scary M&M Story IIId

Marissa made the incision. She looked up at the monitor then back at the incision. "Laser." The nurse handed it to her. There was no turning back how...

She carefully made her way through the procedure, double-checking herself at each step. Finally she was ready to cut open the womb. It was over quicker than she had expected. She carefully removed the baby and handed it off because she still had to close.

When she finished closing she gave herself a moment of rest before checking on the baby. It lay sleeping in a small clear case bristling with tubes. She thought it was terribly cute- it looked very much like a normal setter pup. Of course the main difference was its dull silver metallic skin. Marissa was certain the Major would be pleased with this latest subject. The program was proceeding ahead of schedule...
Doctor Futhark took another  step towards the creature. "We seek a response. Why have you come here? What do you mean by 'one must be extinguished'? Who are you going to extinguish?"

Mychala thought to herself that the creature was unlikely to answer truthfully, if it even understood the question. The Doc had been at it for ten minutes already. They had stumbled across the thing by chance on the way to a nearby anomaly reading. The Doc always preferred talking to things like this before taking action against them. In her nearly two years with Prolix Associates and the Doc, Mychala had seen all kinds of strange things- ghosts, aliens, crazy ex-spies- but she couldn't remember anything as disgusting as this talking mound of snot. "Doc, I know it's not my place, but you shouldn't get any closer."

Doctor Futhark looked over his shoulder with a reassuring grin. "Everything's fine. Just relax." Before he could turn back to face the creature it surged forward and enveloped him.

Mychala instinctively drew her pistols but held her fire. The Doc was in there and she couldn't be sure where her shots would end up. "What the crap!? Let him go or..."

"One must be extinguished." The mound quivered as it somehow 'spoke' again.

"So it's got to be the Doc? I don't think so." She suddenly felt waves of heat emanating from the mound. The only way she could think of to get the Doc out was to somehow cut the mound open and pull him out by hand. This was going to be disgusting.

There was a rush of hot air from the mound and it immediately started to dissolve into a thick dark muck. As it got smaller Mychala could make out what looked like the Doc hunched over. As the last of the mound dissolved, the Doc stood up and shook off as much of the muck as he could. "Well that was... interesting." He turned his head slightly as he said this and Mychala saw something sticking out of his ear. It looked like several tiny pale tentacles...

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