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Scary M&M Story IIIc (2)

{Author's Note: This is the 'published' version of part c with only one word added to it because I'm always tinkering with stuff that should be left alone...}

The air pressure normalized and he turned back to the open space. The combatants were locked in battle even though they were frozen in time. He knew every move to come in the struggle, that was why he chose this precise moment. Once they where loosed it would be essential to let the natural course of events unfold up to a certain point before things got out of hand. He took a deep breath and released them.

Mychala's growling roar shocked her opponent but did not keep her from letting loose a barrage of barbs. Mychala ignored the pain of the tiny projectiles and launched herself into the air at her opponent. Her claws tore at the side of her opponent's head causing a stream of sparks and fluid to erupt from the impact point. Mychala turned as she hit the ground, ready to finish her opponent off.
    "Stop!" Mychala realized she was no longer on the street where she and her team had been fighting the hordes of drones, the one she was fighting was particularly tough and intelligent.

This place they were in was definitely somewhere else. It was grey and bland with indistinct shapes. She and her opponent were in the lowest level while the person who cried "stop" was above them and several yards off to the side.

Before she could even ask the man began, "You're in what I like to refer to as a time hole, Mychala. And yes I know who you are and where you're from and that you have a suspicion that this is your sister- whom you have long thought died when the Hive destroyed Earth."

Mychala blurted out "What the crap? Who-"

The man interrupted her knowingly, "Call me North, I answer to it most of the time. Back to your sister-"

"That is not my sister. She's just another drone from the Hive. Everything is gone because of them. She's a good likeness but it's just another Hive trick..."

"Oh, I forgot that you've travelled through time to figure out a way to undo the destruction of our planet and find the two key players that can make it happen then snatch them out of time at the precise moment one of them frees the other from the Hive network... Wait, that was ME!" He took a second to catch his breath as Mychala tried to wrap her mind around everything. "I'm sorry I snapped, but we've been through this song and dance too many times already. It gets frustrating dealing with your skepticism over and over. You seem to love the argument, even after you're convinced."

Suddenly Marissa let out a piercing scream and fell to her knees. "She's getting her memories back. And the last memory she has before the Hive brought her back is  when the air burned and the ground melted around her. They sucked everything up into their ship and separated it and used it for everything. They reconstituted her when they got a sample of your DNA to throw you off balance. She had nothing to do with the end of the world."

Before Mychala could decide whether or not to believe him Marissa shakily stood up. "What he's saying is true- at least some of it. I can sense that time is not affecting us here. We are effectively outside of the timestream..."

"Whatever, drone-girl. Like I'm going to believe you over this guy? I would probably believe him first because at-"

"Enough! You both need to take a breath and listen to me!" He had to keep it from getting out of hand again. This could be his last chance to set things right. "We can go back over 700 years to the other side of the galaxy and make the Hive change direction so they'll never bother, let alone destroy, Earth. It'll be like it never happened but there's not much time left. Now who's with me?"

Marissa and Mychala looked at each other. Mychala looked back at North with a twinkle in her eye, "Tell me more about your plan..."

XXScary M&M Story IIIcXX (Bonus Section)

{Author's Note: This section was never sent and no one has ever seen it before. It's more backstory than anything. There's good stuff in it, especially explaining HOW Mychala is a werewolf sort of creature now and how she survived the destruction of Earth. It's included here for completeness and as a special 'unaired episode" for people who like that sort of thing...}

The hum intensified and Mychala allowed herself a brief moment of panic. She turned and saw the last of the five drones connected to the device. It was sparking and smoldering, the thing must have destroyed itself to start the device.
Her earbud crackled to life with the reverberating alien voice of Pej. "We are almost at your location. Suggest we prepare for immediate evacuation. Damon says we should try to gather locals as possible."

That's what happened to her and the nearly 75,000 surviving Earthers when the hiveship came to Earth. Those random Earthers who were saved were plucked off the face of the planet by Bandor's Command Ship moments before the end. She was one of the unlucky few near a window when the end came. It was like the Fourth of July except too horrible. It took her nearly a year to say more than 'yes' or 'no' to anyone. Her shock slowly turned to rage. The more she learned about the hiveship and Bandor's self-imposed mission to stop it the more she wanted to do something to strike out against the hive. She decided to join Bandor's Legion and underwent genetic manipulation to join the Strikecorps.
The manipulation affected everyone differently. Some could fly or shoot flames out of their eyes or bend space around themselves or do just about anything imaginable. Mychala at first felt unlucky with her new abilities. She could change herself into a a creature somewhat like a werewolf. Through her training she realized even though it wasn't one of the flashiest enhancements it was something she was incredibly good with. Her claws were sharper than diamonds and her strength was exponentially increased. She could change back and forth at will but she came to be more comfortable in her wolf form. She was soon given command of a Scout Team and sent out in search of the hiveship. Her Team had some interesting travels before actually coming into contact with the hiveship at this unknown planet.

A plan was taking shape in her head- bits and pieces of things she had heard and learned and dreamt over the years were oozing together like a liquid puzzle. She wasn't fully aware of the whole plan yet but she had to get it in motion now. "Negative on the evacuation, these people are going to keep their world. I need you and Zeljko to help me with this doomsday thing. Everyone else set up a perimeter to protect us from locals or any drones that might show up."
Her technical skills were not very impressive. She knew some simple electronics but nothing that could help stop a world-destroying device. She looked at her left hand the raked her claws across an area of the device. Sparks flew and she received a powerful shock that dazed her for a few seconds. By the time she recovered Pej and Zeljko were at her side.
"Boss, what do you plan

{That's where I decided to skip ahead to the next section. I figured this background stuff and the beginning of the Marissa-Mychala battle was unnecessary. I'm sad the Marissa landing scene was cut-- falling through the air in the big gooey superball thing and then landing with a satisfying SPLAT and the dust would clear to reveal the drone-ized Marissa standing there ready to fight...}

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Scary M&M Story IIIb

Suddenly it was very cold and dark. It was as if someone had poured a bucket of thick black paint over her head. She couldn't move or speak but she also felt no panic.

The curious hum in the back of her head got softer but was still definitely there. It reminded her of morse code and although she had never learned morse code she could tell what was being said. It was a series of commands. The same thing over and over. She stepped forward and the commands changed. She turned to the right and started walking and the commands changed again. It was a little amusing but she didn't smile or laugh because it was also a little scary.

Her vision was slowly returning as she instinctively continued to follow the commands in the back of her head. Everything was grey like a black and white movie. She rembered that she prefered
movies with color. She could see that she was travelling down a slightly sloping corridor. The walls and floor looked like they were chiseled rock and there were long cables here and there. The cables stretched as far as she could see. As she came to a bend she noticed a small wide slot in the wall with faint light shining from it. She managed to see through the slot as she passed. There was mostly black but a shiny blue and green planet- Earth, she had seen pictures of the planet from space before and they looked like it. But it was not quite the same as Earth, yes she was sure it was not Earth. She wasn't shocked that it was a different planet because somehow she just knew. Even though she wanted to stop and look directly through the slot she continued on her way to where the humming commands were leading her.

Around another bend she came to a person-sized hole in the wall, there were several of these along this stretch of corridor. She stood in front of the hole and could see that it was about two car lengths long and looked open to the blackness of space. She climbed into the hole and stood in the center of the tubelike chamber. A rush of thick clear liquid splashed onto her from above forming a large sphere around her. It was odd to her that she felt this thick liquid against her skin and even in her nose.

There was a flash of light from behind her that propelled the sphere out into space. The sphere arced toward the planet and gained speed. She couldn't see the vessel- at least that's what she presumed it was- she had come from but she could feel its presence behind her. There was an explosion of sparkling fire all around her but she was not concerned at all. She knew that she was safe from the heat of atmospheric entry and it would be over soon. It reminded her of fountain fireworks on a much larger scale.

As suddenly as it started the sparkling fire ended and she was in the open blue sky. The ground got closer and she could see the small city that she knew was her target. As the sphere came closer she could make out people in a street around the syphon. She was certain these beings were her targets, she had to stop them before they could damage the syphon and stop the process...

Scary M&M Story IIIa

Mychala crouched lower behind the debris as they looked in her direction again. Their high-pitched chattering resumed when they were convinced no one was watching. They turned back to the glowing device in the center of the alleyway. Mychala realized she would only get one chance to stop them. The others would not make it to her location in time to help. This could prove to be a very costly encounter but Mychala was eager to strike back at them.

Once activated, the device would cause total destruction of the planet. They would then collect the energy and return it to their hiveship. Once they all were connected to the device she would only have  seconds to act. After years of training with the others She was ready to act.

Without a sound she leapt from her hiding place and bounded to the device. Her clawed hands shredded through two of their connections to the device causing all five of them to scream a clanking mechanical scream. The sound battered her brain but she couldn't let a little noise slow her down now. There was no time for the pain.

She grabbed the head of one of them and swung around behind it bringing her legs off the ground and aiming at another one nearby. The one whose head she used as a makeshift catapult fell to the ground with a loud clatter. Her clawed feet hit the target squarely in its center pushing it to the ground as she manuevered herself into an upright position so she was standing on top of it when it hit the ground.

The other three had finally stopped screaming and two turned their attentions to Mychala. She crouched a bit and narrowed her eyes with a look of rage that was almost powerful enough to melt steel.

No words were needed between the combatants. She hated them for what they had done to everyone and everything she had known. They had no concept of what they had done to her, they were merely drones of their hiveship doing what was needed to keep their society (if it could be called a society) going. They had destroyed countless worlds to power the hiveship on its neverending journey among the stars.

The two of them raised their spindly appendages and cut loose with a volley of tiny barbs. Mychala stifled a cry of pain as some of the projectiles pierced her skin. She became a blur of fangs and claws as she tore into them. Her claws sparked as they pierced the thin metal skin and sent pieces clattering to the ground.

It was over far quicker than she expected. Then she heard the most horrible sound she had ever heard. It wasn't particularly loud though it did seem to be coming from everywhere. It was a deep hum that sounded like a gigantic broken washing machine. Mychala knew exactly what it was. It was the sound everyone on Earth heard before the planet was destroyed all those years ago....

Author's Note on M&M Story III

This upcoming epic was started a year or so ago when Mychala wouldn't answer any emails and Marissa was grounded from the computer off and on. I wanted to write something starring them both since the previous attempt at a story with them in it fell flat. I didn't want something really short and silly, though. It became an effort to make them actually check their emails because there would be something interesting for them to read. 

I've written some short bits and pieces with Bandor before, but this is the first thing that has him waaay in the background. I don't think he's even mentioned in any of the official parts of the story that have been revealed. There was an official outline that I pretty much stuck to until home computer problems and M&M indifference (at least that's what it seemed like) slowed down the writing to less than once a month. Hopefully that will change now that one of them has showed some interest in the story again. 

More commentary as needed- PLUS the never before seen alternate part c!!!

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Scary M&M Story II - The Unfinished One

{Author's Note: This was going to be the sequel to the Were-Squirrel story. It is set around the year 2027 or so...}

"You're just trying to delay finishing the Creama movie script, aren't you?" Marissa knew her sister too well. "Why don't you just hang up and finish it off so they can make the dang movie already? I really have to go now- the tigers have arrived."

Mychala knew her sister was right, but she couldn't figure out how the movie should end. She had changed so many parts of the story from her best-selling novel already that it was almost a totally different story. The whole journey through Creama's thoughts was gone. No more deep love story between Creama and the Count, replaced with a 13 minute dance club scene. The list of changes went on. But all the changes were necessary. Mychala never intended for the movie to match the novel. This was her chance to take Creama to a new level, to make her the ultimate female action-horror heroine with a heart of gold.

{And that's where I was stumped. I knew where I wanted to go with it, sort of. Mychala had been writing a story about a girl from the future named Creama, so that's where that came from. The rest is just crazy set-up for all sorts of crazy stuff to come.

The option I was most looking forward to was that whatever Mychala started writing would start happening to Marissa. I'm not sure what Marissa was going to be doing with or to the tigers, but it was gonna get bloody pretty fast as Mychala wrote about Creama trying to save some people from some robo-tigers on the loose. But that never happened because I was more interested in the next story and I figured the girls wouldn't get some of the subtle humor I was thinking of putting in this story. The ending was going to be Mychala on the phone with Marissa again-- when she hangs up the phone she notices a strange shadow on the wall and she turns around to see that the were-squirrel has been there the whole time! The were-squirrel screeches and lunges at Mychala. A cliffhanger ending just to mess with people...}

Attack of the Were-Squirrel

There was a perfect half moon giving just enough light for Marissa, Mychala and Frank to see their way on Old Fordham Road. Frank had suggested this shortcut home because they would all be late getting home,  otherwise. From off in the distance came a long low squeal-like howl. Marissa and Mychala looked at each other with wide eyes, "What was THAT?"

"A were-squirrel," Frank said in an ominous voice.

Mychala gulped and asked "What in the world is a were-squirrel?"

Frank started walking a little faster. Nervously, he began to explain the origin of this horrible beast. "Back in the olden days, when the Indians still lived around here, the settlers made some trouble. So a medicine man from one of the tribes cast a spell on the meanest settler in the area. This guy was named Fordham something - or something Fordham. The curse was that whenever there was an exactly half moon, Fordham would change into a squirrel and roam the night..."

"Riiight," Marissa was unconvinced. "So he's like a werewolf - except a squirrel?"

"It's true! I read it in an old folklore magazine."

"Yeah, and I'm the Queen of England..." Marissa rolled her eyes and scoffed.

"No, I think it's real, Sissy. I remember hearing about that, somewhere." Actually, Mychala had heard about the legend of the Wendigo when she was at the library once. Wendigo are much different than were-squirrels, but that's a story for another time.

Finally they came to the curve in the road that meant they were almost home. Something scurried across the road just out of sight ahead of them causing all three to jump back.

Mychala was the first to voice the obvious, "THAT freaked me out!"

Frank and Marissa started laughing and Mychala joined in. But the laughter was cut short by a viscious squeal and a medium-sized furry beast that looked somewhat like a squirrel, flying through the air and landing on Frank's face. It was over quickly. Frank's screams of agony quickly ended and the beast turned its attention toward Marissa and Mychala.

Marissa screamed in fear at the hulking squirrel, blood dripping from its sharp little teeth. But Mychala was even more frightened - having once opened her window in a moving vehicle, she caused a car flag to fly off that likely killed a squirrel on the side of the road. So her screams were filled with her secret fears of revenge from the squirrel community. Mychala sometimes imagined that the squirrel she may have accidentally killed was the Mayor of Squirrelville or a famous squirrel entertainer. She had always been somewhat careful around squirrels because they might still be looking for the killer of that poor dead squirrel.

Neither girl hesitated for long, though. They both turned and ran as fast as they could from the were-squirrel. Luckily, it did not follow them, probably content with the meal Frank would provide. Later that night there was no sign of Frank or the were-squirrel when Marissa and Mychala returned with the police. No one believed their story. Frank was officially declared a runaway, but Marissa and Mychala knew the truth. And the were-squirrel was probably still out there along Old Fordham Road...

{Author's Note: This was a silly story I came up with for Marissa and Mychala several years ago because Mychala had killed a squirrel when she opened the car window and the Colts flag flew off and killed a squirrel on the side of the road. True story- maybe not the killing of the squirrel, but it was near the flag and it was dead so you never really know. Plus there was some discussion about "first-slurp-of-the-blob" (aka- "red shirt" for Star Trek fans) characters in shows with established characters because they want to kill somone off with the monster of the week but the writers like the main characters so they need someone else. Thus the Frank character.  Also it was around Halloween and I thought it would be cool to do a "scary" story starring the girls...}