Saturday, April 23, 2011

Scary M&M Story II - The Unfinished One

{Author's Note: This was going to be the sequel to the Were-Squirrel story. It is set around the year 2027 or so...}

"You're just trying to delay finishing the Creama movie script, aren't you?" Marissa knew her sister too well. "Why don't you just hang up and finish it off so they can make the dang movie already? I really have to go now- the tigers have arrived."

Mychala knew her sister was right, but she couldn't figure out how the movie should end. She had changed so many parts of the story from her best-selling novel already that it was almost a totally different story. The whole journey through Creama's thoughts was gone. No more deep love story between Creama and the Count, replaced with a 13 minute dance club scene. The list of changes went on. But all the changes were necessary. Mychala never intended for the movie to match the novel. This was her chance to take Creama to a new level, to make her the ultimate female action-horror heroine with a heart of gold.

{And that's where I was stumped. I knew where I wanted to go with it, sort of. Mychala had been writing a story about a girl from the future named Creama, so that's where that came from. The rest is just crazy set-up for all sorts of crazy stuff to come.

The option I was most looking forward to was that whatever Mychala started writing would start happening to Marissa. I'm not sure what Marissa was going to be doing with or to the tigers, but it was gonna get bloody pretty fast as Mychala wrote about Creama trying to save some people from some robo-tigers on the loose. But that never happened because I was more interested in the next story and I figured the girls wouldn't get some of the subtle humor I was thinking of putting in this story. The ending was going to be Mychala on the phone with Marissa again-- when she hangs up the phone she notices a strange shadow on the wall and she turns around to see that the were-squirrel has been there the whole time! The were-squirrel screeches and lunges at Mychala. A cliffhanger ending just to mess with people...}

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