Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scary M&M Story IIIa

Mychala crouched lower behind the debris as they looked in her direction again. Their high-pitched chattering resumed when they were convinced no one was watching. They turned back to the glowing device in the center of the alleyway. Mychala realized she would only get one chance to stop them. The others would not make it to her location in time to help. This could prove to be a very costly encounter but Mychala was eager to strike back at them.

Once activated, the device would cause total destruction of the planet. They would then collect the energy and return it to their hiveship. Once they all were connected to the device she would only have  seconds to act. After years of training with the others She was ready to act.

Without a sound she leapt from her hiding place and bounded to the device. Her clawed hands shredded through two of their connections to the device causing all five of them to scream a clanking mechanical scream. The sound battered her brain but she couldn't let a little noise slow her down now. There was no time for the pain.

She grabbed the head of one of them and swung around behind it bringing her legs off the ground and aiming at another one nearby. The one whose head she used as a makeshift catapult fell to the ground with a loud clatter. Her clawed feet hit the target squarely in its center pushing it to the ground as she manuevered herself into an upright position so she was standing on top of it when it hit the ground.

The other three had finally stopped screaming and two turned their attentions to Mychala. She crouched a bit and narrowed her eyes with a look of rage that was almost powerful enough to melt steel.

No words were needed between the combatants. She hated them for what they had done to everyone and everything she had known. They had no concept of what they had done to her, they were merely drones of their hiveship doing what was needed to keep their society (if it could be called a society) going. They had destroyed countless worlds to power the hiveship on its neverending journey among the stars.

The two of them raised their spindly appendages and cut loose with a volley of tiny barbs. Mychala stifled a cry of pain as some of the projectiles pierced her skin. She became a blur of fangs and claws as she tore into them. Her claws sparked as they pierced the thin metal skin and sent pieces clattering to the ground.

It was over far quicker than she expected. Then she heard the most horrible sound she had ever heard. It wasn't particularly loud though it did seem to be coming from everywhere. It was a deep hum that sounded like a gigantic broken washing machine. Mychala knew exactly what it was. It was the sound everyone on Earth heard before the planet was destroyed all those years ago....

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