Friday, April 29, 2011

XXScary M&M Story IIIcXX (Bonus Section)

{Author's Note: This section was never sent and no one has ever seen it before. It's more backstory than anything. There's good stuff in it, especially explaining HOW Mychala is a werewolf sort of creature now and how she survived the destruction of Earth. It's included here for completeness and as a special 'unaired episode" for people who like that sort of thing...}

The hum intensified and Mychala allowed herself a brief moment of panic. She turned and saw the last of the five drones connected to the device. It was sparking and smoldering, the thing must have destroyed itself to start the device.
Her earbud crackled to life with the reverberating alien voice of Pej. "We are almost at your location. Suggest we prepare for immediate evacuation. Damon says we should try to gather locals as possible."

That's what happened to her and the nearly 75,000 surviving Earthers when the hiveship came to Earth. Those random Earthers who were saved were plucked off the face of the planet by Bandor's Command Ship moments before the end. She was one of the unlucky few near a window when the end came. It was like the Fourth of July except too horrible. It took her nearly a year to say more than 'yes' or 'no' to anyone. Her shock slowly turned to rage. The more she learned about the hiveship and Bandor's self-imposed mission to stop it the more she wanted to do something to strike out against the hive. She decided to join Bandor's Legion and underwent genetic manipulation to join the Strikecorps.
The manipulation affected everyone differently. Some could fly or shoot flames out of their eyes or bend space around themselves or do just about anything imaginable. Mychala at first felt unlucky with her new abilities. She could change herself into a a creature somewhat like a werewolf. Through her training she realized even though it wasn't one of the flashiest enhancements it was something she was incredibly good with. Her claws were sharper than diamonds and her strength was exponentially increased. She could change back and forth at will but she came to be more comfortable in her wolf form. She was soon given command of a Scout Team and sent out in search of the hiveship. Her Team had some interesting travels before actually coming into contact with the hiveship at this unknown planet.

A plan was taking shape in her head- bits and pieces of things she had heard and learned and dreamt over the years were oozing together like a liquid puzzle. She wasn't fully aware of the whole plan yet but she had to get it in motion now. "Negative on the evacuation, these people are going to keep their world. I need you and Zeljko to help me with this doomsday thing. Everyone else set up a perimeter to protect us from locals or any drones that might show up."
Her technical skills were not very impressive. She knew some simple electronics but nothing that could help stop a world-destroying device. She looked at her left hand the raked her claws across an area of the device. Sparks flew and she received a powerful shock that dazed her for a few seconds. By the time she recovered Pej and Zeljko were at her side.
"Boss, what do you plan

{That's where I decided to skip ahead to the next section. I figured this background stuff and the beginning of the Marissa-Mychala battle was unnecessary. I'm sad the Marissa landing scene was cut-- falling through the air in the big gooey superball thing and then landing with a satisfying SPLAT and the dust would clear to reveal the drone-ized Marissa standing there ready to fight...}

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