Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scary M&M Story IIIb

Suddenly it was very cold and dark. It was as if someone had poured a bucket of thick black paint over her head. She couldn't move or speak but she also felt no panic.

The curious hum in the back of her head got softer but was still definitely there. It reminded her of morse code and although she had never learned morse code she could tell what was being said. It was a series of commands. The same thing over and over. She stepped forward and the commands changed. She turned to the right and started walking and the commands changed again. It was a little amusing but she didn't smile or laugh because it was also a little scary.

Her vision was slowly returning as she instinctively continued to follow the commands in the back of her head. Everything was grey like a black and white movie. She rembered that she prefered
movies with color. She could see that she was travelling down a slightly sloping corridor. The walls and floor looked like they were chiseled rock and there were long cables here and there. The cables stretched as far as she could see. As she came to a bend she noticed a small wide slot in the wall with faint light shining from it. She managed to see through the slot as she passed. There was mostly black but a shiny blue and green planet- Earth, she had seen pictures of the planet from space before and they looked like it. But it was not quite the same as Earth, yes she was sure it was not Earth. She wasn't shocked that it was a different planet because somehow she just knew. Even though she wanted to stop and look directly through the slot she continued on her way to where the humming commands were leading her.

Around another bend she came to a person-sized hole in the wall, there were several of these along this stretch of corridor. She stood in front of the hole and could see that it was about two car lengths long and looked open to the blackness of space. She climbed into the hole and stood in the center of the tubelike chamber. A rush of thick clear liquid splashed onto her from above forming a large sphere around her. It was odd to her that she felt this thick liquid against her skin and even in her nose.

There was a flash of light from behind her that propelled the sphere out into space. The sphere arced toward the planet and gained speed. She couldn't see the vessel- at least that's what she presumed it was- she had come from but she could feel its presence behind her. There was an explosion of sparkling fire all around her but she was not concerned at all. She knew that she was safe from the heat of atmospheric entry and it would be over soon. It reminded her of fountain fireworks on a much larger scale.

As suddenly as it started the sparkling fire ended and she was in the open blue sky. The ground got closer and she could see the small city that she knew was her target. As the sphere came closer she could make out people in a street around the syphon. She was certain these beings were her targets, she had to stop them before they could damage the syphon and stop the process...

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